What Does the Phrase Form Neutral Mean

Foreign families of neutral nationality have sought calmer asylum far beyond the suburbs or on ships lying in port. “A neutral personality who made no impression at all” class popularity for the word “neutral” in adjective frequency: #743 neutral lyrics – Check out a wide range of lyrics listed by neutral on the Lyrics.com website. The reaction of breast milk is slightly alkaline; of cows, neutral or slightly acidic. Now the proportion of counter-narratives and neutral contributions has increased. The fact is that there are seemingly neutral religious rules that have been applied unevenly for millennia. However, as a neutral observer, this is one of the most tempting matches in my opinion. The impact on earnings per share is completely neutral in the first year and extremely positive thereafter. Etymology: From neutral (French: neutral), from neutralis. Neutralizing Middle English, from medieval Latin *neutralis, regression of neutralitas middle way, from the Latin neutralis neuter, from Neutr, Neutr Americans will judge for themselves who they believe and who they trust in this issue – you or the NRA. Let`s see if you`re a game for fair debate, this is your chance to show the American people that you`re not afraid to hit the NRA on neutral ground.

The numerical value of neutral in Chaldean numerology is as follows: 8 Neutrality differs (but not exclusively) from apathy, ignorance, indifference, double thinking, equality[6], agreement and objectivity. Apathy and indifference each involve some degree of neglect towards a subject, although a person who is neutral may feel biased on a subject but choose not to respond to it. A neutral person can also be well informed about a subject and therefore does not need to be ignorant. Since they can be biased, a neutral person does not have to demonstrate dual thinking (i.e., accepting both parties as fair), equality (i.e., considering both parties as equal) or agreement (a form of group decision-making; here, one would have to negotiate a solution for everyone`s opinion, including one`s own, that may not be impartial). Objectivity suggests taking the side of the most reasonable position (with the exception of journalistic objectivity), where relevance is judged by a common basis between the parties, such as logic. B (thus avoiding the problem of incommensurability). Neutrality involves tolerance, no matter how unpleasant, regrettable, or unusual a prospect may be. [6] See the full definition of neutral in the Nglish Dictionary of English Language Learners: Translation of neutral for Spanish speakers While the Fed has been consistent in recent months that the balance of risks is still on the downside, we could see a more neutral position, it would be considered a slightly hawkish turning point in the committee – but we think the president will make it very clear that neither rate hikes nor a quantified timetable to curb bond purchases will be considered. a person or nation that does not participate in a competition among others; One that is neutral Winter can be so dreary – all gray, black and neutral tones. one who does not side with a party in a war or dispute There will be a limited number of visitors to Raymond James Stadium, including many neutral spectators. Draghi`s weekend comments were slightly more balanced and neutral than before, triggering a short hedge in the euro.

As an alternative to impartial action, the bias of neutrality itself is the expectation of the Swiss government (in armed neutrality)[9] and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (in non-interventionism). [3] These sample sentences are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word “neutral.” The opinions expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. A key principle of Wikipedia was that articles should have a neutral point of view. Alluding to the neutral atmosphere of the Super Bowls, the NFL informed the first team to play a Super Bowl in its stadium that the cannons of the Bucs pirate ship would not explode after every point scored by the team. For decades, the production and marketing of toys has been increasingly gender-neutral. nū′tral, adj. Be neutral, indifferent: no participation on both sides: impartial: neither very good nor very bad, without decisive character: having no decisive color, bluish or grayish: (chem.) neither acidic nor alkaline.—n. a person or a nation that does not participate in a competition.—n. Neutralisā′tion.—v.t. Neu`tralise, by convention to declare each nation definitively neutral or neutral during certain hostilities: to render inert: to have no effect (ns.

Neu`tralize; Neutrality, state of non-participation on one side or the other: those that are neutral. – adv. Neu′tral.—Neutral hue, a dull grayish color; Neutral vowel, the vowel sound that can be heard in but, solid, it, &c. and usually in unidentified syllables. Armed neutrality, the state of a neutral power ready to repel the aggression of the two warring parties. [L. d`Hrsg. neutralis – Neutrum, neither.] Possible solutions could be to find a neutral place outside Germany to host the match, or change the date of the match so that Liverpool can host the first leg.

English Learner Definition of Neutral (Entry 2 of 2) In peace talks, it is advisable to have a neutral person to lead the conversations so that just and equitable solutions can be created with the people. Neutrality is the tendency not to clash in a conflict (physical or ideological)[1],[2][3], which does not indicate that the neutral parties do not have sides or are not themselves a party. In colloquial use, neutral can be synonymous with impartiality. However, bias is a preference for one side[4],[5] that is different from the tendency to respond to that preference. A whole quarrel ensued, in which Edna was warmly committed to her father`s cause and the doctor remained neutral. In moderation and mediation, neutrality is often expected to make judgments or facilitate dialogue independently of prejudice, with an emphasis on the process rather than the outcome. [6] For example, a neutral party is considered a non-conflict of interest (or fully disclosed) party in a conflict,[7] and is expected to act as if it were not biased. Neutral parties are often perceived as more trustworthy, reliable and secure. [3] [8] But Herx showed that this “gender-neutral” rule had never been applied to men. .

In combat and combat support operations, an identity applied to a route whose characteristics, behaviour, origin or nationality indicate that it does not support or reject friendly forces. See also hostile; suspect; unknown. have no characteristic quality or characteristics A natural or legal person acting as an arbitrator or arbitrator (jargon/law). “inert matter”; “an indifferent chemical in a reaction”. . The position of a set of gears in which no force can be transferred to the drive mechanism. . Neither positive nor negative; do not have an equivalent positive and negative charge or charge, so there is no imbalance. .