What Is a Bapa Agreement

• Have a legal dispute with Kind Diamond over BAPA cost liability. However, the contract has remained silent on these costs and, as such, the Commission has no legal basis for expecting Kind Diamond to pay them. This option was therefore rejected. • Extend Kind Diamond`s contract so that they can pay Network Rail for the necessary work. This option was rejected because it would be more expensive, would require an administration fee for Kind Diamond and because it would be less efficient. In addition, Network Rail has indicated that a BAPA (Basic Asset Protection Agreement) must be agreed between the developer and Network Rail. The applicant/proponent must submit the AMRs and BAPA directly to: AssetProtectionLNWSouth@networkrail.co.uk 6 The proposed development is located within 15 m of the Thames Waters underground facilities, so the development could result in the failure of the assets if appropriate action is not taken. There was no contact with the owner specifically regarding land compensation issues, as all discussions took place as part of the negotiations on the bridge agreement and the basic asset protection agreement. A Basic Asset Protection Agreement (BAPA) for NR was concluded and signed between the Council and NR. To be used when there is an asset protection contract or a basic asset protection agreement. The Department will provide all necessary technical support subject to a core asset protection agreement.

Before construction can begin on the site, the board must sign the BAPA and pay Network Rail directly for the BAPA and related work. The purchase order (PO) needs to be increased as BAPA`s costs have only been estimated by Network Rail and have now increased due to the additional work involved in monitoring the railway embankment and bridge until the completion of construction. Approval of the signing of the Basic Asset Protection Agreement (BAPA) and increase in the order (PO) to pay direct payments of up to £79,100 for the BAPA to Network Rail on Templeton Road. .